Where to Rent A Violin, Viola, Cello or Bass

Choosing the correct instrument for your violin, viola, cello or bass lessons.

At Lessons In Your Home we want our students to have the very best music lesson experience. An important part of that is choosing a quality instrument correctly sized for the student.

We strongly suggest renting, rather than buying, your first string instrument, whether it be violin, viola, cello or bass, from a knowledgeable company that specializes in strings.  You may not know that string instruments come in several sizes and the correct size instrument will contribute to your child’s playing success. As your child grows, they will need a larger instrument, and reputable rental companies will allow you to ‘trade up’ to a larger size for no additional cost.
LIYH recommends Knapp Music for string instrument rentals. Call Knapp at 317-892-5130 or 800-963-6526 and mention Lessons In Your Home. Knapp will ship the instrument directly to you, anywhere in the United States.  Should you need repair or maintenance during your rental period, they are just a phone call away.
For more information and pricing before you call, please visit their website at: https://www.knappmusic.com/rentals/

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