What Is A Virtual Music Lesson?

A virtual music lesson is a lesson that takes place with a live teacher but that teacher is not in the same physical location as the student.   This type of lesson has all the characteristics of traditional private music lessons including music recitals and performance opportunities. We use the term ‘virtual’ rather than ‘online’ music lessons because ‘online’ can sometimes mean following a course on your own rather than working directly with a teacher.

Lessons With The Same Teacher Each Week

– Your music teacher remains the same for each lesson, just as if they were coming to your home or you were going to a studio.  They’ll get to know you and be able to customize lessons just for you.

Video Call Format

Online Music Lesson– We offer Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, and even our own in-application video call feature to conduct your private lessons safely and securely.

7 Days A Week 9am-9pm

– No matter your location, we teach 7 days a week 9am-9pm.   Your lesson will be scheduled for the same day and time each week and adjustments can be made if there is a conflict with your scheduled time.

Lesson Plan –

– Each week you will receive a lesson plan from your teacher that lets you know what you should be practicing.

You will learn to play an instrument

– All instruments can be taught virtually, including the most common — piano, guitar, violin, voice, drums, and more can be taught virtually. We also offer lessons on many band and orchestra instruments including cello, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, and trombone to name a few.
– In each virtual music lesson, students learn about

  • Performance – playing songs
  • Technique — how to play your instrument, and
  • Theory — the language of how to read and speak about music


Teachers will demonstrate what you are learning.

– In a virtual music lesson, just like an in-person lesson, your teacher will be able to play an example of the music you are learning. You’ll be able to see and hear them demonstrate the skill and they’ll be able to see and hear you as you play.   You’ll be learning visually as well as aurally just like in an in-person lesson.

Your teacher is available for questions

– Once your lessons are scheduled, your teacher will answer any questions you have.   You can contact them in between lessons and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Music Recitals

virtual music recital
Watching our students play Virtually.

– We even have recitals for our virtual music students. Instead of family and friends seeing a video recording later, they can watch online in real time, no matter where they live.
You’ll be taking lessons with a school of music! Lessons In Your Home has been a music school 1997. We have an amazing staff of highly qualified teachers.

Online Music Lesson

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