Go Back and Find the Value of Piano Lessons.

As a parent of three boys living in Denver, CO, I sometimes ask the question  “is there value in these piano lessons lessons we are doing every week, in me trying to encourage practice, the time out of our schedule?”  That’s the tired mom side that needs a break. I then flip to my teacher side and say  “YES they are getting it, and YES it is worth it”.

Melody McQuitty, Mother of 3 boys, Piano Teacher, Director of Lessons In Your Home Denver

Music is value. Value you can measure if you look, and Lessons create that Value. If you are in doubt this is what I do: Go back to the beginning. The beginning of the book, beginning of the chord charts, the first things you did in lessons. I think you will be pleasantly reminded of just how far they have come! We forget the progress sometimes, but it is there. Music is happening, and things are being learned. This comes about with even minimal practice, believe me. I’m there, and it is what I see. Go back to the beginning and see how far they’ve come!

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