The Easiest Way To Start Music Lessons

If you’ve ever decided to start music lessons you know it can be a daunting task — finding a teacher, vetting their qualifications, scheduling, buying lessons books, and more.   The truth is many people don’t make it past the ‘finding a teacher’ part before they give up.
Making lessons easy is what Lessons In Your Home is known, but it’s not what we do best. Because we invest a significant amount of time and energy into developing our staff, teaching amazing music lessons is what we do best.   Our music teachers isn’t what this article is about so we’ll table that for another day and instead talk about the best way to start music lessons.


Only One Step To Start Music Lessons, Yes, It’s This Easy.

Easiest Way To Start Lessons
Lessons are fun

When you contact Lessons In Your Home to start music lessons, here’s what is going to happen:
First, one of our friendly Directors will take your basic information. They’ll ask questions about the student, if they have any past experience, their likes and musical goals.
Second, the Director will ask about the best days and times for your lessons.    All of this information will help them assign you to the best on-staff teacher for you.
Third, the Director will contact you again within a day or two to confirm your start date and teacher and SHAZAM, your music teacher will be at your door, on time, and ready to teach.

This Sounds Great But I Have Questions

Easy Piano
Amazing Teachers

You may be thinking, “I understand that it’s easy,  but I have questions. I can’t just set up a stranger to come to my home.   How much do lessons cost?  What happens if I cancel a lesson? Is there a contract?”
All these are great questions and LIYH makes it easy to find the answers.   Below are a few of the most commonly asked questions and answers.    If this doesn’t answer all of your questions, please see our  full FAQ here: Frequently Asked Questions About LIYH’s Music Lessons
Q. What qualifications will my teacher have? A.  Lessons In Your Home staff is made up of degreed and professional musicians who have experience teaching music. We aren’t referring you to someone and our teachers aren’t a list of random people. We take a lot of time finding the right teachers and training them on the principles of LIYH. All have passed a rigorous background check.
Q. Is there a contract? A. No way, LIYH believes you should love your lessons, not be obligated to them. Lessons are billed monthly and you can stop at any time.
Q. Can we just try out lessons? A. Because there is no contract you don’t need to worry about a trail period. If lessons are not what you expected, you may cancel at any time.
Q. Can I choose my teacher? A. After LIYH determines your scheduling options, we can let you know which teachers are available to teach your lessons, and you can choose from these teachers. Availability will always be based on the days and times you can take lessons and the location of your home.
Q. What happens if I can’t make a scheduled lesson? A. LIYH has no cancellation option, but every LIYH teacher will work with you to reschedule any lessons you are unable to take.
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Easiest Way To Start Lessons

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