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The end of the school year is upon us and summer is just around the corner. This is a time that most students and families start planning out their exciting vacations, fun summer camps, and time to relax as a family. Students begin to look forward to not having homework from school. This is a perfect time of year to take Seattle piano lessons in home. With a lighter schedule for most students, taking music lessons during the summer months can be very rewarding and fun.

Here are 6 reasons why students should continue with Seattle piano lessons in your home during the summer months:
1. More time to practice.  During the summer months most students will have a lot of down time for piano music lessons. Without homework, sports, and test to study for students have a lot of free time. This can make practicing easy since they will not have their usual work load from school. This is a perfect time to get some great practicing accomplished on their instruments. Without the stress from school and activities students will have more time to spend working on their music. They can also have more focus on what they are practicing without having to worry about the “big test” later that week in school.
2. Work on fun songs. Many piano teachers like to work on what we call “fun songs” during the summer months with our  students. Throughout the school year teachers are working hard to show their students how to read and understand the music their students are working on. During the summer teachers like to take everything that the student has learned and apply it to music such as movie theme songs, Disney songs, or current and modern songs that students like to listen to on their Ipods or music stations. This is a great time to have some fun with music that the students play and introduce some fun music.
3. Work on challenging music. With less stress and a lighter schedule some students are more willing to work on challenging music with their teachers. The more challenging a piece of music is the more practicing it will require to master the piece. Summer months can be great for teachers to introduce to their students new and challenging music that the student can master through more time to practice.
4. Flexible scheduling. Of course summer is a great time to travel. Families and teachers alike like to spend the summer months traveling for vacation or to see family members and friends. Schedules usually change during the summer and students can schedule Seattle piano  lessons in home times with their teachers during the morning and afternoons. Teachers are flexible with scheduling lessons around camps and vacations with their students families.
5. Continuing education throughout the summer months. Many parents worry that their children will lose some of the education that they learned during the school year. Continuing music lessons during the summer ensures that their students will not forget everything that they had learned during the school year. Taking a break may seem like a good idea to some students but in reality if a student stops practicing and taking Seattle piano lessons in home they can forget a lot of what they had learned over the school year. Playing music is a continual study. It’s not like riding a bike. Even professional musicians will feel a decline in their playing skills if they take a break from practicing and learning new music.
6. Staying busy.  Yes summer can be for relaxing, but it can also get boring for a student if they are not staying busy enough. Taking Seattle piano lessons in home during the summer will give the student something to look forward to each week and it will also give them something to do during their down time. Don’t let the summer pass by while sitting in front of the TV.
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