Start Your Baltimore In Home Music Lessons: Picking An Instrument

Whether you are located in the city or within the suburb home with an instructor who travels to you.  Many families and students enjoy the scheduling and commuting convenience of in home lessons, while others also see the benefit of turning the home into a place of musical expression.  At any age and level of experience, a student can enjoy the routine of music lessons, and the first step to starting lessons is picking an instrument.
Choosing The Right Instrument
Sometimes the student already feels drawn to an instrument of choice, but in other scenarios, a parent may see the benefit of their child taking music lessons without having a particular instrument in mind.  As the director of Lessons In Your Home Baltimore, I have had several calls from parents asking for advice about what instrument they should choose for their son or daughter.  Though my response is based on more personal information about the student, here is my general advice:
Piano and guitar are very popular instrument choices for in home music lessons.  Both instruments can be taught in a variety of styles, including classical and popular, depending on the student’s interest.  Piano is an excellent starting instrument, even if the student decides to change instruments at a later point.  The basics of music theory, note reading, rhythm, and coordination are all established throughout piano study, and it is a great choice for young beginners.
The age that piano lessons can begin is as early as three, though many teachers decide to wait until the student is four.  Private guitar lessons can also start at an early age, depending on the student’s size and hand strength.  Generally, a student who is at least six years old should be able to play a junior sized guitar for the first several years of study.
Most Popular Instruments
The most popular orchestral string instruments for private lessons are violin and cello.  Both instruments come in a variety of sizes for young beginners, and another great benefit is that most schools have an orchestra in which these students can participate.  Many times, students who request in home lessons for string instruments are already part of an ensemble at school and would like outside help for their instrument.  Though they are not as popular of choices, viola and string bass are also beautiful instruments, and a student may be drawn to these options because of their unique qualities.
Like strings, woodwinds, brass, and orchestral percussion instruments are usually incorporated into school ensembles and give a private lessons student the ability to study group and solo pieces with the help of an instructor.  If a student is hoping to participate in a school band or orchestra, it is best to establish what instrument group most interests him or her first and then narrow down the choices from there.  Every instrument has its challenges, but sometimes looking into the specifics of an instrument can provide the most guidance.
For example, the number of keys on a woodwind instrument could be overwhelming for a student who might prefer the more simplistic key structure of a brass instrument.  Conversely, a student may like the more mellow sound of woodwinds, or the powerful and varied nature of percussion.  Dropping by a music store and giving a student the chance to be introduced to and around different instruments is a great way to find the perfect fit.
Lessons on a drum kit, while quite similar to percussion lessons, are more focused on popular styles (like jazz, rock, and R&B), and can be a great choice for many students, especially if they enjoy physical activities and would like to have an instrument that involves extra movement.  Teenagers, in particular, are drawn to drum kit because of its use in popular music they hear frequently and enjoy.
Choose The Best Instrument For You
Overall, the choice of music instrument for any student in the Baltimore area is a personal decision based on their likes and future musical goals.  Exposure to different musical styles and the performance of different instruments is a great way for a student to become inspired and select a vehicle for their musical journey.  At Lessons In Your Home, we are always happy to give feedback to any specific questions you may have about selecting, purchasing, and renting an instrument whether you are a current student or just looking for more information.  So, give us a call and start in home music lessons now!
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