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3 Ways To Help With Posture While Learning Piano

Okay, so I know, this is a less than exciting subject when it comes to piano, especially because we all are pretty certain that we know how to sit. It’s one of the many things we learn when developing. However, the fact remains that correct posture is not only something that grandma’s and etiquette teachers will constantly harp on for nothing, it’s one of the most important things that musicians need to build a habit around.
Bad posture is a hard habit to break once it’s learned and practiced. But don’t worry because there are things that can be done to improve it.

The power of the camera and Playing Piano

playing piano
What Do You Look Like When You Play

This one is very simple. Do a short recording of yourself or your child practicing. You can record the entire practice session or just a few songs. Make sure that it’s more than just one song. This can do two things. Either the fact of being recorded may prompt better behavior, or the recording will show exactly what the posture looks like, if it is good or bad, and which way one should lean or stand to correct the posture mistakes.

Practice in a chair that forces you to sit up

This would likely be an office chair without arms. You still need to be able to freely express yourself and have mobility in your elbows. But sitting in a chair that leans slightly forward will consistently remind you to not slouch while playing.

Get up and stretch between each song.

Sometimes we start to slouch because our bodies are getting tired of being in one position. Getting up and giving it a restart by standing up, stretching a little bit and moving can help. Improving your posture will keep you or your child’s back from hurting after playing with bad posture for too long.
Use some or all of these to help improve and practice good posture while playing the piano and you’ll be much happier in the long run.

playing piano

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