School, Piano, And Guitar Lessons! It’s a Balancing Act

When Guitar Lessons start to intersect with the rest of your students’ life, there are some easy suggestions to balancing both music and school. Here are a couple…

Guitar Lessons and School Work-the Two Can Go Hand in Hand

guitar lessonsAs kids get a little older, school work gets harder and more time consuming. Even with this fact, music lessons, such as guitar and piano, do not need to go out the door. More studies than we can even name will tell you the great benefit that music is on the brain and how greatly it helps grades and learning!

Take a Break

At first you might be thinking “take a break from music,” but no, when the homework starts to make steam come out of your students’ ears, they are going to need to step away. A fantastic thing to step away TO is music. Have them pick up the guitar and play through some of their favorite songs, and then even take a few minutes to practice the new stuff their guitar teacher has assigned. It is such a different exercise, and different feeling from being buried in a science book, that it really is a break for their brain and psyche! After some time with their guitar or piano, they will feel more revived to step back into the books, and they will likely have a fresh perspective! In the meantime, they’ve gotten a few minutes of music practice in also, which we know is a benefit and fun!

Talk with Your Guitar Lessons Teacher

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Got a question?

Communication is always key! Let your students’ music teacher know that there seems to be an extra amount of work coming home from school, or the AP class they are in is demanding some extra time. Your music teacher will adjust to this phase; and it is a phase, it won’t last forever. When you let your teacher know these things, they can adjust the lesson to be more instructional and working with your student during lesson time to tackle some of the musical parts that might be more difficult. As a piano teacher, you can play the parts together on a higher octave, or the guitar teacher can play along so your student can watch what his hands are doing. Neighbour Note guitar lessons give you both: professional instruction and individual approach. However the approach may be, in will help your music teacher and your student for there to be open communication about school work and the times to ease off a little, and the times to go full steam ahead. Your teacher is on your side, working together is of great benefit to all!

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