Preparing For Back To School Music Lessons

As we parents get ready for back to school, many of who’s children took off a little music lesson time this summer are also thinking “what about these lessons”. Breath deep though, your private music teachers have you covered. Here are three things to know your music teachers are on top of.

Back To School Music Lessons
We have you covered!

No Need To Be Anxious

Mom and Dad, we know your children (at least for most) didn’t knock it out of the ballpark this summer in terms of practicing their instrument. It wasn’t because you did a poor job as a parent, and it wasn’t because we didn’t try to inspire in the few lessons we had during summer break. We truly don’t believe our students are slackers either. It’s just a summer thing. Don’t worry – be happy! Hey maybe we’ll learn that song this year.

Easy Feels Better

It’s easy to start the wheel turning hard and fast and expect practices to start again. It doesn’t feel that way to music students though. For a student who didn’t do a ton in the summer break, it feels like they don’t know what to do to “get back into it”. We suggest, not creating any extra pressure before a students first lesson back. Let them just do what they want, if anything.
A good music teacher takes care of the “what to do” after the first return lesson. We are going to do our best to make each student feel like they didn’t “lose anything”. Most of us won’t return to the last song we were working on either. We’d rather pick a new song with similar challenges and growth points.

Instrument Care

It may be time to get that piano tuned, put new strings on the guitar, or get new saxophone reeds. Don’t fret though; we can deal with all these things upon our return to steady music lessons. We’ll let you know what to do, where and how to do it. That’s what music teachers do and at Lessons In Your Home, because we come to you, we always have a little extra time to make sure you’re on the right track back.

Preparing For Back To School, Welcome Back

We’re excited to get back into fall lessons. See you soon!

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