Parent Music Lessons – Mom and Dad Should Take Lessons Too!

It’s never too late to try something new. I constantly hear from adults that they “used to play piano” or “always wanted to learn how to play guitar”, so do it! A perfect time to start is when your child begins lessons. Here’s 5 reasons why to start parent music lessons:

Stress Relief:

Parent Music Lessons
Dad And Son Rocking On Guitar

Playing music can be very relaxing and a great way to wind down after work.

Help with practice assignment:

When you take lessons separately from your child, you have an individualized and age appropriate teaching approach, but all of the same techniques and ideas will apply to both students. If your child is ever confused about something during the week before the teacher comes back, a parent who takes lessons can be a great resource!

Great example:

She will pick up on and mimic your practice habits, your attitude towards lessons, and your dedication to learning something new and overcoming the challenges that go along with it.

Bonding and Parent Music Lessons:

You can sympathize with the challenges, share enjoyment with successes, and relate to each other in a unique way. Parents who have a hard time relating to their kids (especially teenagers!) can create a special new relationship through music. Going through the same ups and downs as your child brings you down to their level genuinely and makes relating and bonding easier. One day, you can play duets together! That brings a whole new level of non-musical benefits.

More Successful:

Lessons where a parent and child both take, and where the adult is dedicated to practicing, and has a good attitude toward lessons, are almost guaranteeing success for the child. Parents are the #1 most important role model for a child so I think there’s no better way for them to learn these important elements of learning than to see their parent(s) do it firsthand.
Make learning an instrument a family hobby!

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