Musical Travels Took Me To Italy – Franz Liszt the Famous Pianist!

Franz Liszt In Venice

One of my favorite composers to study and perform is Franz Liszt (1811-1886). Liszt was one of the best composers and performers of the Romantic Era. His emotional compositions touched the hearts of many while his showy performances amazed audiences around Europe.

Piano Cycles

Liszt was quite a traveler throughout Europe and gave concerts at the countries and cities that he visited. He was so inspired by his travels that he wrote a set of three piano cycles that were called Annees de Pelerinage (Years of Pilgrimage)

Piano Solos Echo Travels

His Second Annees de Pelerinage was from his travels to Italy. The people, culture, and landscapes from his travels through Italy allowed him to write many beautiful piano solo pieces describing his travels and events that he was able to witness.
I was able to travel to Italy as well to follow in the footsteps of this great composer and was lucky enough to attend a piano concert of all Liszt music while I was in Venice. I felt such a connection to the music that I was able to hear after a long day of walking through the narrow alleys and canals of Venice. It’s hard not to be musically inspired by magical and beautiful cities in Italy.

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