What Makes A Great Music Teacher In Miami?

One question I always ask other teachers at Miami music lessons in home is “What makes a great teacher?”.  I get many varied answers, but the truly amazing teachers I have on staff keep giving me the same, consistent answers.  The teachers at Miami music lessons in home strive to exemplify these great teacher qualities.

 A Passion For Teaching

This is extremely important in determining a great teacher.  There are many fantastic musicians out there, but a great music teacher is going to have a passion not only for playing their instrument, but sharing with others how to build passion from their instrument as well.  The passionate teacher will go to any lengths to help a student and will often get creative with their teaching methods to fit their particular student’s needs.

A Positive Role Model

Often times, students will look up to their teachers as a role model.  If a teacher can inspire a student to love music and love what they do, they have done their job well.  A positive role model will not only inspire their student to love to play music, they will also teach the student to love to listen to music.  This teacher will go above and beyond to give their student music that the student will love to listen to, and thereby be inspired to play and improve.

Being a Good “Doctor”

A great teacher can be compared to a great doctor in the sense that they will be able to “diagnose” the current issue and have a structured method of how to treat it.  Every student is different and therefore, every student struggles with different aspects of music.  During Miami music lessons in home, the great guitar teacher will be able to figure out what is most difficult for the student and hone in on this issue until it is no longer holding the student back.  Structured practice exercises written by the teacher are like their “prescription”!


This is a huge one.  Many teachers I have asked will tell me patience is what makes a teacher great with little explanation, because none is really needed.  The process of improving on musical skills can sometimes be slow, and it’s always never-ending!  Often times, students will not understand this virtue in our fast-paced world, where many things can be accomplished instantaneously.  Patience is a very important skills that is learned in the process of taking music lessons.  A good teacher must be able to take the patience learned from their musical journey and help the student understand it and use it to their advantage.
The patient teacher must also understand that the student learning how to play music for the first time is not as passionate as the teacher who has been studying music for their entire life.  A passion for music will come the more the student sees themselves improving and can create something special for themselves and others to hear.


Miami music lessons in home is not supposed to be a frustrating or disheartening endeavor, but inevitably, a student’s aspirations of playing a piece will not match their current capabilities.  It is important for the progress of the student to stay positive.  A great teacher will always compliment the student on what they have done correctly.  Often times, as teachers, we find the need to only point out what needs to be improved upon.  However, a great teacher must always point out excellence as well.  A smile and a high five goes a very long way!


A great music teacher embodies all of these important characteristics and more!  At Miami music lessons in home, we always try to come up with new ways to be the best teachers we can be.  With all of these positive attributes, we will make your student a star player!

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