The Holidays And In-Home Music Lessons

The holidays mean many things when it comes to Miami music lessons in home.  Teachers are searching for great holiday songs for their students, students are getting ready for their big Christmas concert, and parents are maybe looking into getting their little musician a great musical gift for their budding student.  There is much to prepare for, but ultimately, the holidays and music go hand in hand.

For the Parents

The holidays can be a stressful time for parents in deciding what will be the best gifts to give their children.  This could be a great time to finally purchase that instrument your child has expressed interest in learning.  Instead of getting them games, you could give them a gift that will put their time to great use and will last a lifetime.  Many online music stores such as Musician’s Friend have really good deals going on this time year and are worth looking into!
If your child already has their instrument and is already taking Miami music lessons in home, a creative and fun stocking stuffer could be a book of songs that they enjoy and can learn how to play.  Many online music retailers also offer these song books in which the chords and notes to all of their favorite songs are outlined to make it easy for the student to play.  Your in home lessons teacher can go over these songs with the student and now their benefitting from your gift while getting a new enjoyment out of their lessons.

For the Teachers

Teachers!  We absolutely love this time of year.  This is our time to dig up the holiday repertoire and share all of the songs we love with our students.  For piano students, there are countless books of sheet music available dedicated to only the holidays.  Vocalists especially have many challenging and fun songs to choose from.  Guitar, violin, and pretty much any other instrument can be playing the holiday songs we all know and love.  A holiday party can be the perfect time to perform these songs in front of friends and family, another wonderful reason to really practice these songs and make them special for everyone.
As a drum set teacher, even I get into the holiday spirit with my kids.  Last year, I even taught a student “Jingle Bells” on drums!  Now, I know what you’re thinking, how in the world do you teach Jingle Bells on drums?  Simple.  First, take a simple rock groove with eighth notes on the hi hat and the snare drum on beats two and four.  Then, I take the vocal rhythm in Jingle Bells, and write it out for the bass drum to play.  Now, we have a rock groove in the style of Jingle Bells!  The student loved it.

For the Students

This is especially a crazy time of year for you students!  At school, you are about to go on break for a couple of weeks and you can’t wait!  The class curriculum may include an occasional holiday party and Santa drawing contest but you still have to focus on your studies for one or two more weeks!  Also, there’s that holiday concert coming up.
Often, during this time of year, schools will put on a holiday concert before going on holiday break for a couple of weeks.  This is a perfect opportunity to perform what you’ve been working on for friends and family.  Use your Miami music lessons in home teacher to help you with the parts you may be having a hard time with.  Your teacher may just come to your concert to cheer you on.  I just went to one last week!


It’s a fantastic time of year, folks, and we at Lessons In Your Home could not be more proud of all of the hard work we’ve seen from our students this year.  Enjoy your holidays and have a very happy new musical year!

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