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The city of Miami is very large and eclectic, with cultural influences spanning from around the world.  This makes Miami a very unique and enriching place to take music lessons.  When a student participates in Lessons In Your Home Miami, that student will be matched with a teacher who is as diverse musically as this city itself.

Why Take In-Home Music Lessons?

There are many benefits to having drums lessons in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  Anyone living in Miami knows how difficult and time-consuming it can be to drive around, especially in that time after your student gets home from school and is ready for a music lesson!  Our teachers will spare you that inconvenience and show up right at your door!

When a student takes music lessons in the home, something quite magical happens.  The teacher no longer feels like a stranger, but almost like a member of the family.  Along these lines, the teacher has the opportunity to interact with the parents a lot more often than if the lessons were held in a studio.  This interaction brings the student’s family much more involved in the student’s practice.  More family involvement leads to more practicing and therefore more success!

Multi-Cultural Lessons

It is no secret that the population of Miami is very musically culturally diverse.  We have cultural influences from around the world in our beautiful city.  Each country that holds influence in our city brings a unique musical style, different instruments, and a different feeling to the music we play and listen to.  Many of our teachers at Lessons In Your Home Miami are familiar with many different styles of music ranging from different countries.  Whatever style you wish to learn, or never even knew you wished to learn, one of our amazing teachers will be able to share that musical knowledge with you.  My percussion teacher at University of Miami was Brazilian and opened my eyes and ears to Brazilian music.  Now, it’s one of my favorite styles to play!

How Do I Choose The Right Instrument For Me?

Choosing an instrument can seem difficult but really, you have to go with your gut.  Many times you don’t choose your instrument, your instrument chooses you!  When you listen to music, what instrument do you find yourself listening to the most?  What sticks out for you?  Do you find yourself playing air guitar?  Air drums?  Maybe you enjoy listening to classical music.  Maybe you like jazz.  In any case, try to discover what instrument makes the most sense for you.  If nothing in particular is sticking out for you, that’s perfectly fine!  A good option for you would be to start with the piano.  The piano is a great instrument to start on and can teach you a lot about the basics of music.  If at some point during your journey into music, another instrument is calling for you, go for it!  Some of the most best musicians play multiple instruments.  You can’t go wrong!

How Do I Choose The Right Teacher For Me?

At Lessons In Your Home Miami, we have an incredible staff of music teachers.  Some specialize in pop, some in jazz, and some in classical.  However, all of them can teach the basics of any style.  So if you’re not sure which style you are interested in, any of our teachers can really help you out and inspire you to choose your own musical path.  If you are unsure, let us choose for you!  We are great at matching up students with great teachers and we would love to do the same for you and your family.


At Lessons In Your Home Miami, we can start you off on a wonderful musical journey.  We have a diverse staff of teachers that come to your home to inspire you and your whole family with the gift of music lessons.
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