Who Knew? Piano Is A Fun Summer Activity

As summer rapidly approaches, many parents are looking for fun activities for their children. Piano or any Music lessons in the summer are both fun and a beneficial activity for all to enjoy!

Lessons are a Fun Summer Activity

Piano Teacher
Piano is a fun Summer Activity!

Summer music and piano lessons have a different element of fun because there is such a laid back feeling to summer. When children are out of the school routine, they have a naturally relaxed attitude. This relaxed attitude comes through with music lessons. Keeping piano lessons fun can be as simple as taking a few older pieces of music that have already been passed, and committing them to memory for a summer activity. Since it is a musical piece that has already been tackled, it is slightly easier and therefore lends to that relaxed attitude. Now, take on the challenge of memorizing it and you’ve worked that part of the vacation brain and done something that will have a fun result-a song you can play anywhere you go!
Another reason summer lessons are fun is because you have more time in your schedule so there isn’t a rushed sense to get the practicing done! You can leisurely sit at the piano and just mess around with the keys-experiment with different melodies or start seeing how chords fit together. Without the pressure of rushing off to do homework, you can take your time and be a little more creative. Creativity is one of the big fun aspects to piano and any other instrument!

Why are Summer Lessons Beneficial

The answer is probably too obvious to state, but state it I must! If kids aren’t pointed in a positive, productive direction with their free summer hours, they will inevitably succumb to the screen time coma. You know, that look they get after sitting for hours on end in front of any kind of electronic screen! Limit screen time and as soon as they have a chunk of time with nothing else going, that piano starts to look like a pretty fun thing they can use to keep themselves entertained. Eventually, they will entertain others. Teaching a friend to play the duet part of “Heart and Soul” can pass many a summer afternoon. And that afternoon has been productive-something they can use for a lifetime. These are good things!
Having the lessons  that allow a child to play an actual melody, though, will be key in the piano being an instrument of entertainment as opposed to two minutes of mindless key plunking that gets old quick. The weekly refresher of a teacher coming in to your home to hone those skills will keep this fun and beneficial side of music lessons alive and well for the summer ahead!

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