Kindermusik Certified – Jennifer Keeney

So many families come to us just wanting to find out what type of instrument really fits their child and how can their child just hone the early musical skills that they’re seeing. Well, this is where one of our very fun and cheerful teachers, Atlanta piano teacher and music education specialist Jennifer Keeney, comes to the rescue. Jennifer is a Kindermusik certified instructor who has been trained to work with babies, toddlers, children and even families on how to teach music and movement to these budding minds.

Jennifer Keeney, Burdett Rice and Krystal Johnson at a Lessons In Your Home Spring Recital!

Kindermusik is a program that nurtures young children’s development as a whole person, and not just focuses strictly on music, but how music is a vital part of their childhood development. The program realizes that children are not only learning how to speak, but they’re learning how to hop, climb, express their emotions, count and interact with other children. The Kindermusik program acknowledges this and brings it out through the context of music.
Jennifer has been working with Lessons In Your Home for over 5 years and has wonderful success teaching our young toddler students, and with this recent certification, she’s now trained and excited to extend her teaching age to our daycare and preschool age children. She is able to work with children for whom English is their second language, and whose parents are very interested in having a great time seeing their child’s growth in music and enhance their child’s everyday development.

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