Join the Band – Here’s Why

When given the opportunity to join the band at school, don’t shy away. Being in school band is a lot of fun and can even help you do better academically.

What is School Band Like?

join the band
Thinking about joining the band?

Joining band means choosing an instrument, usually in elementary or middle school. The band teacher will let you try out all of the ones that interest you to find a good fit. Once you settle on what you want, it takes practice and dedication to learn to read music and play well. You’ll go to lessons with your band teacher and other students playing the same instrument. These usually take place once a week in addition to band practice, which may meet at the end of the school day or after lunch depending on your school’s schedule. All that practice pays off when it comes time to play concerts for the rest of the school or the public.

Benefits of Joining Band

Whether you join in elementary school, middle school or high school, there are many benefits to playing in band. Playing together is all about cooperation, teamwork and learning to follow direction as a group. You get to spend time with people who share your love of music and make new friends in the process.
Band is a fun and constructive way to spend your time. It gives you something new and interesting to do that builds important skills you’ll need in school and later in life. Learning to read music improves pattern recognition, a skill that’s essential in all academic areas. Kids in band tend to do better in science and math, have better organizational skills and are more likely to do well when the time comes to take the SATs.
Don’t worry; band isn’t all about technical stuff. You also get to showcase your talent in local parades or go on trips to compete in regional contests. If you’re in marching band, you’ll play at your school’s sports games, which helps to boost school spirit among your peers and gives you a chance to get out and show off your newfound skills.

join the band

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