In Home Voice Lessons: A World Of Difference

Starting Private Voice Lessons (the basics)The voice is an instrument that everyone is born with and can use. Singing is a part of our lives from the time we are small children all the way to our old age. When we are young we learn to sing songs to help us learn our ABC’s and other basic knowledge. As we get older we continue to sing, usually to our favorite songs or hymns at church. Singing is a part of life and many of us don’t realize how often we sing. For adults we can catch ourselves singing in the shower, along to a song on the radio, or to our favorite movie or TV show.

Learning To Sing

Once In Home Voice Lessons start, your voice teacher will having you singing in the first lesson. Many beginner voice students will start with learning the ” warm ups”. These are exercises for the voice to get it ready for singing. Think of voice warm ups like any other warm ups that you would do for sports or activities. Warm ups help to get the voice  ready for singing by doing simple patterns starting from the lower end of a students range up to the top end of their voice range.

Singing a Melody

After the voice is warmed up and ready to start singing your voice teacher will have you work on learning the melody of a song. The teacher will play the melody for the student and have the student sing it back. As the student is singing the melody the voice teacher will help the student to  correct any pitches or notes. For more complicated melodies, the voice teacher will break down the song and melody into smaller sections and help the student sing note by note until they are able to sing the correct melodic notes. Many times the student will sing the melody using “la” instead of the actual words to the song. This helps the student to focus on matching the pitches of the melody without having to concentrate on the words.

Singing to Accompaniment

Once the student feels comfortable with knowing and singing the melody to a song that they are working on with their voice teacher they can begin to sing along to an accompaniment. Typically an accompaniment is music that helps to support the melody and doesn’t not always contain the notes in the melody that the sing will be singing. By listening to the accompaniment the singing will be helped with staying on pitch with the melody that they are singing. These private voice lessons can really take the student to the next level.
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