How To Clean A Saxophone

How to Clean Your Saxophone

Sax lessonsA saxophone is a woodwind instrument and there are 4 types. There are soprano, alto, tenor, and Baritone saxophones. The cleaning instructions here are not for all except the soprano saxophones.

The first thing that is needed is to clean the mouthpiece. Removing the reed and the part that is called a ligature does this. The mouthpiece brush should be used to remove any foreign material inside the mouthpiece. Then run lukewarm water through the mouthpiece at a sink. Use a lint free cloth and pull it through the mouthpiece a couple of times to clean out the water.

Cleaning the Neck of the Saxophone

To clean the neck, use a brush attachment. This looks like a flexible metal hose that has a rag ball on one end and it has a small brush on the other. Pass this through the base opening. It then should come out of the narrow side where the cork is attached. The brush should be used to remove any foreign particles that may be there. Be sure that water does not come into contact with the cork or it will swell and become deformed.

Cleaning the Body of the Saxophone

How To Clean A Saxophone
Clean Your Sax!

The body of the saxophone should be cleaned with a regular cleaning kit. This attachment looks like a brush and cloth and has a long string with a weight at the opposite end. The weighted end should be placed into the bell of the saxophone and then the saxophone should be placed upside down. The weighted end should be brought completely through the body several times.

The Key Pads

The cleaning of the key pads is very time consuming. They need to be inspected visually to see if there are any tears or a torn pad. If there are any tears then a trip to your local repair shop is in the stars for the saxophone.

The Last Steps

The cork needs a liberal amount of grease to condition it and add another light coating. This should be done on a weekly basis. Tighten all the loose screws. These screws are usually the flat head type. These can be loosened safely. After cleaning the saxophone should be reassembled and ready to go.
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How To Clean A Saxophone

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