How To Buy A Cello

Buying a cello is a huge purchase and it can be a daunting process. Use this article for help on How to Buy a Cello. You can find poor quality cellos for as cheap as a few hundred dollars or they can cost several thousand or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So how should you go about purchasing one? Where should you go? When should you buy? The following are some suggestions from me and some fellow string players.

Don’t Rush Into It – How To Buy A Cello

It can take several months of active searching before you find the right cello. If you know that going on, you’ll have the best chance of making the right choice of buying a cello.

Wait Until The Cello Student Can Buy A Full Size Cello

Young students grow quickly and it’s a waste of money to buy a ½ or ¾ size when they will likely outgrow it in high school. It’s best to rent until you’re ready for a full size.

Visit several reputable violin shop

It’s important to shop around because each shop will have totally different instruments. The one that “speaks to you” might not be at the first place you try. Don’t go to stores that sell tons of different instruments like guitars, winds, pianos, etc. Shop in violin shops or shops that specialize in orchestral strings.

Borrow A Few Of Your Favorites

Most places will allow you to borrow cellos for a week or 2 to try them out. It takes longer than a few minutes in the store to decide which one is best for you. While you have them, get your teacher’s opinion. Your teacher will have good insight and can try the cello out more fully than an intermediate student. They can also help you decide which one makes you sound the best and might hear things you can’t hear yourself.

Bows Are Just As Important

A bow can make all the difference and should be given as much attention as the cello purchase. If you play a wonderful instrument with a terrible bow, the sound won’t be great. If you play the same instrument with a nice bow, you might fall in love with the sound. Borrow multiple bows and try out each one on each cello to find the very best combination.

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