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Before I talk about talent this and talent that, let’s talk about something that doesn’t get enough attention when it comes to the success of a student: Personality. Teachers talk about their students all the time and what we usually talk about is their personalities- ironically the biggest factor we have no control over. Our most satisfying teacher moments usually involve this particular student’s awesome personality in some way. At the same time, the most frustrating experiences are definitely attributed to difficult student personalities. In home voice lessons Dallas can help develop great young singers out of all different personality types.

Loud, Obnoxious, and Confident

Let’s face it. Singers have a reputation for being loud and obnoxious. That might be the bitter string player in me who wishes she had the guts to stand on stage without anything between my audience and I. Nicer put, singers are extroverts. Probably not all, but every one I’ve ever met. Extroverts exude confidence, a hugely important personality trait for a singer! I mean, how can someone sing when they’re not sure if they want to be heard? Is there anything more exposed then going out on an empty stage with a piano, under the hard lights; looking out onto a crowd of black silhouettes all sitting in silence, waiting to hear your song?  There are plenty of students who have somewhat of an overload of confidence; who can’t seem to sing in front of enough people; who physically won’t stop stinging. There are also the in-between types, the kind who are quiet and introspective, but when given a chance suddenly belt out tones so loud the room seems to shake. I’ve never met the quiet breed of singer personally, but I’ve heard they really do exist. Either way, there is no way to get around the fact that a singer needs confidence if they’re gonna go out there and put on a show.

Bad Taste

The musical taste of a student has an impact on their musical personality, and we as teachers have NO control over that! They are entitled to their opinions and preferences, no matter how awful they are. Their tastes impact their musical style, musical personality, and musical goals. But honestly, I’d be ashamed to list every artist on my ipod and I’m supposed to be a professional musician. My teachers couldn’t change my taste and now that I appreciate a wider range of music and recognize better quality music vs. fun trash music, it’s tempting to try and make my students see the light. Tempting, but pointless. They are in charge of all of it.

We Have No Control

When it comes down to it, we teachers don’t have as much control as we think we do. Personality and Inspiration/taste are a huge part of a student’s progression and we may not have any impact in that domain. All we can do is develop what is presented to us. It would be ridiculous to judge a singer’s quality by just their personality, but I will say that sometimes you can tell by the personality that that person is a singer. In home voice lessons Dallas is open to all kinds of personalities, and personally I am always enlightened by the variety of voices those personalities bring. It’s what makes music so amazing.

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