Free Video Music Lessons vs. Traditional Private Lessons

With the wealth of resources now available online for music instruction, it seems tangible to acquire free video lessons and become proficient at an instrument. Along with free video lessons, do-it-yourself curriculum’s and other methods of avoiding traditional private instruction are increasingly popular, as students are drawn to the ease and low cost of self disciplined study. However, it is important to weigh the value of free video lessons and traditional private lessons when seriously learning an instrument.
Traditional, private lessons have many advantages over free video music lessons. Though online music lessons can be successful in introducing the basics of an instrument and general note-reading principles, the missing component for success is the lack of personalized interaction. It is critical for a student of any level to have feedback from a teacher so that he or she can assess what techniques or principles need to be exercised and developed and regulate the pace of the lessons. For example, if a student used online lessons to begin learning guitar, there are many points in holding the instrument correctly from the start that could be missed and learned incorrectly. Without a private teacher examining and coaching the student, he or she could be off to a rocky start that may take away from the musical education experience.
Furthermore, it is far more engaging and interesting to have a private instructor work with you at a set time each week to keep the pace of learning moving along. It is easy to neglect online video instruction, as there is no personal relationship established with the video instructor and no way to ask questions. By contrast, a private music instructor can not only answer questions and provide guidance, but they also can find ways to improve a student’s overall experience, whether it be through music selection or developing practice skills.
Free video music lessons are not a negative resource, though. Online tutorials are a great tool to use with students in combination with private instruction, and a teacher may find that sharing a video with a student is a helpful supplement to their curriculum. Private lessons do win in the battle between free online lessons and traditional instruction as far as the learning experience with an instrument is concerned.  To learn how to begin your private music lessons, contact us for information and start lessons now!

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