Did You Take Piano Lessons As A Kid?

Did you take piano lessons as a kid? Do you regret quitting and wish you still knew how to play? Take this quiz to see how much you still remember! It’s never too late to restart!

shutterstock_2361448291How much do you remember from your childhood piano lessons?

1. How many keys does the piano have?
A. 61
B. 66
C. 88
D. 102

2. In what time signature is a Waltz?

A. 2/4
B. 3/4
C. 4/4
D. 6/8

3. What does “mf” mean in music?

A. moderately fast
B. moderately loud

4. What is the middle key on the piano?

A. G
B. C
C. E
D. F#

5. What do you do if there is a # sign in front of a note in your music?

A. Play the note immediately to the right of the written note
B. Play the note immediately to the left of the written note

6. Which 2 scales are played with all white keys?

A. D Major and B natural Minor
B. F major and D natural minor
C.  C Major and A natural Minor

7. What is the order of sharps?


8. What finger number is your ring finger on either hand?

A. 4
B. 3
C. 2

9. What is the pedal on the very right called?

A. Soft pedal
B. Sostenuto pedal
C. Sustain pedal

10. What is it called when 2 staves are connected together with a bracket?

A. Double staff
B. Grand Staff
C. Large Staff

Check your answers and add up your points!

1. C- 1point
2. B- 3points
3. B- 3points
4. B- 1point
5. A- 1point
6. C- 3points
7. C- 3points
8. A- 1point
9. C- 2points
10. B- 2points

0-6 points: Time for a refresher! You remember a few things but it’s probably been a long time since you had a lesson.
7-15 points: Great memory! You remember a lot and you probably were a good student. If you restarted lessons, technique and terms would come flooding back as if you never stopped.
16-20 points: Wow! Either you never stopped taking lessons or you have amazing memory. Get started up again and put that knowledge to good use!

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