When School Music Programs Struggle, the Responsibility Falls on Us

Many say “The Arts” are what makes society civil. Food for thought. The creative outlet of music is something so powerful and influential, it can’t even be measured. In Denver we are fortunate to have a vibrant theater district. The Buell brings great productions to town. We have an amazing symphony and museums and exhibits-even on the 16th Street Mall, that help expand the Arts.

When School Programs Struggle, the Responsibility Falls on Us

Many schools in our state are struggling to keep some kind of music program going. We are fortunate to have so many dedicated teachers who do a great job teaching music. Without the funding, however, the responsibility for most of our music education fall to us, the parents. Our children need to be exposed to music, and also need to be taught music basics, so that if they choose, they can pursue a place in the vibrant music arts scene in Colorado. That is why Denver Music Lessons are important.

 Private Lessons Build Confidence

Private piano lessons are by far the best way to get our kids educated and growing in these musical skills. I love school orchestras, and when a student is involved in one, it is so helpful to the student to have private lessons that support their endeavors in group music settings. Music lessons in their home really helps with the confidence level as well. Students are then able to go over their group pieces with their private teacher and get any questions answered they may have. That is not easy to do when in a large group setting. The two really do go hand in hand, private lessons complementing other musical art opportunities.

 The Outdoors that are Denver

Denver is known for it’s outdoor appeal. Red Rocks amphitheater being a great example of that outdoor appeal combined with the flourishing of music in this community. Spending time in the outdoors inspires many a musician. The classic American song “America the Beautiful” was written while the author was overlooking the amazing Rocky Mountains. What another great example of art and nature combining.

 Music is an Outlet

Music and the arts is the ultimate expression of ourselves and our feelings. If this outlet was more readily available, would kids be able to use it to better express themselves than in some of the ways we often see? Put a musical instrument in their hand, a piano, violin, cello, keyboard, and see what things they express. Music has been that outlet for generations. It is something worth keeping going and passing on to our children. We might have to make the opportunities happen. Giving our children in home music lessons is such a tangible way to open the doors for our students to have that expression of themselves. It is so worth the effort and time. It gives them an identity and positive outlet for their feelings, energy and passion. Kids being busy in an area they can enjoy and eventually use, is priceless. As a mother of 3 and a music teacher, I can clearly see the positive link between the two.

 Sports and Music Unite

Sports are a popular outlet in Denver. Music can work right along side of that. Students CAN do both. Being involved in music has great flexibility and can coincide nicely with sports and other activities. It is a great thing for athletes in the off season as well. It develops other aspects of their brain and fine motor skills which can also translate back to their sport. Music is a lifelong learning and growing medium for so many things. It will go with you through life and should be something to prioritize toward the top of our list and things to involve ourselves in.
Let’s keep encouraging our kids-young and old to participate in Denver Music Lessons and the arts so that we leave a mark on this society.
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