Confessions of a Female Drummer

shutterstock_2285307727I’m a drummer.
And I’m a woman.
After almost every show I play, at least one person in the crowd will come up to me and say something like “Wow, you really don’t see a lot of girl drummers!”
As many times as I’ve heard this, I’ve yet to come up with a quick, snappy response.
Some people, of course, are more direct. They ask, “What’s it like to be a female drummer?”
Here’s my answer.
I love it!
I love the stares I get as I lug my huge bass drum across the bar to the stage.
I love the wave of confusion that passes through the crowd when they see it’s me setting up the drum set — and not some big muscular dude.
shutterstock_1775040899Mostly, though, I love seeing happy, surprised faces in the crowd as I play my heart out.
It’s not that I’m big on attention. I’m a drummer, after all. I’m the one in the back, where the lights are dim. And I’m fine with that.
I just genuinely enjoy changing people’s perceptions of what a solid drummer should look like.
I don’t have a rock-star female-drummer costume I put on before leaving the house. I show up at the venue and take the stage looking like a normal human being. I enjoy showing people that it’s okay to do what you love, even if you don’t look or act the part.
My hope is that the minds and hearts beneath those surprised faces in the crowd will reevaluate what may be possible for them. I want them to think, “if this girl can break the mold, I can, too!”
I guess I just like shattering certain misconceptions.
And this is especially true when it comes to my young students. I want my students to learn at an early age that they are capable of pursuing whatever paths their hearts desire. I hope that comes through.
I’d love to hear from other female drummers. Share your confessions and questions in the comment below.
Before signing off, here’s me playing Keep Me Running by The Heavy Pets.

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  1. Do you do virtual drum lessons? I have an electric set and have Self taught myself some, but would like to have some instruction. Thanks!

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