Christmas Pageant’s And Piano Lessons

Christmas Pageant’s and Piano Lessons

Whatever your background may be, or belief you hold, this is a great time of year for music!!

Christmas Carols At St. Luke’s Church

As I sat watching two of my students, Tyler and Logan, play their Christmas carols at St. Luke’s Church, I was filled with pride. To those sitting in the audience, it was a sweet reminder of the songs we grew up with and a fun bit of nostalgia. It was nervous children introducing their song and then playing it for the whole auditorium.

Joy To The World

For me, it was the proof of years of work and fun!! “Joy to the World” never sounded so good to me! Having my student play the melody in the right hand, while adding the C chord to accompany in the left hand, was proof we had progressed. Adding chords is no small task when you are starting piano from the very beginning. Remembering those lessons where we built a I chord, a V7 chord, and the IV chord, and did all the practicing to make it feel natural-well, I knew where we started and where we were today, and I was proud!!

Your Piano Repertoire

Wherever you find yourself this season, I hope there is an opportunity, or a piano, or an open mic, where you can show off your skills. Your years of work and scales and fingering that show the world you’ve put in the time and stuck to the path and “Jingle Bells” is an important part now of who you are, and your piano repertoire.
Tis the Season-to be musical, I say. Keep with those lessons and share some of the time honored songs that make this season so special.

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