Adult Piano Lessons – 3 Reasons Why You Should

Adult Piano Lessons

Adult Piano Lessons
This is for the adult who a few lessons as a kid and it didn’t really catch on then, but you’ve been dreaming and wishing that you actually stayed with those lessons. You may even have a keyboard or piano in your home and just sit down and try to play anything that you remember or just press some keys to try and have fun. If you’ve ever done this, then I want to encourage you to take some lessons and here’s why.

Hobbies that have goals are great for managing stress.

You’ve been at work all week, and think that you’ve pushed at least 50 hours this week. Your brain needs a way to reset it itself and get your mind off of leading the meeting at the end of the week. Watching a movie or surfing the web is a passive activity. You’re much more able to relieve stress by creating a goal in your mind and reaching that goal through mental activity. Playing piano can do just this for you. You set goals and work on them little by little to reach them.

Training for your brain.

When we were growing up, new things, to our brain, meant that new pathways had to be made. To a growing mind, these new pathways are made every day, several times a day. But as we age, new pathways begin to slow, because we know how to do everything that we encounter in our world. We get into a routine, and rarely break it. Learning to play piano is a way to work on carving those new mental pathways again. There is a myriad of music to learn. No one knows how to play it all. So, there’s always something new and exciting for your brain to think about, process and learn.

To find a new social circle.

Music is a social art. It’s meant to be played in a group. The piano is a great instrument for solo performance, but it gets magical when you can play with others. You can find groups of adult musicians on very easily. Many times people get together and have dinner parties where they play music and have fun. It’s a great new way to meet people and switch up your routine.

Adult Piano Lessons

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