5 Essential Steps Before Starting Voice Lessons

If you’re a night owl with a passion for singing, you’ve likely found yourself at a legendary local karaoke spot for a night of belting out pop anthems. But have you also found yourself greeting a glorious sunrise with a sore throat from the previous night’s karaoke session? Many aspiring singers dream of performing like their big-stage idols, but it’s crucial to learn the correct singing techniques to maximize their vocal potential and protect their voices from potential harm. Opting for voice lessons is a fantastic way to achieve both! While everyone possesses the inherent ability to sing, no one is born with all the necessary skills to fully utilize their voices or the expertise to sing properly to prevent vocal injury. Acquiring these skills early in your singing journey sets the stage for a lifetime of enjoyable and healthy singing! Here are the top five things to ponder before you embark on voice lessons.

5 Essential Steps Before Starting Voice Lessons

Decide When To Start

The best time to start is now! If you find yourself singing frequently and contemplating lessons, don’t delay in seeking guidance on proper singing techniques. Each time you sing, whether using good or bad techniques, you’re training your vocal muscles to perform in a certain way. Both good and bad habits become ingrained in your voice’s muscle memory. Correcting bad habits sooner rather than later, and adopting healthy habits as early as possible, enhances your ability to maximize your voice’s potential. Even for young students, early vocal training is recommended to prevent the formation of bad habits and to concentrate on developing healthy techniques. The bottom line is, each time you sing, your vocal muscles are being trained, so why not train your voice using healthy techniques that will aid you in discovering your best voice?

Establish Personal Goals

Are you aiming to sing a solo at a wedding, perform in front of a band on stage, or perhaps considering a singing career? Regardless, the skills you’ll acquire in voice lessons will be designed to maximize your voice’s potential and bring you closer to your goal. Keep an open mind about your starting point, but know that through diligent practice and hard work, even the most ambitious goals are attainable. Sharing your personal goals with your teacher upfront will help both of you stay focused during your lessons, bringing your long-term goals within reach on a weekly basis.

Know What to Expect

Vocal lessons aren’t just about singing. Since your body is your instrument in a vocal lesson, expect to use your entire body during the lesson. In addition to singing, you’ll work on physical exercises to gain control of your abdominal muscles for horizontal breathing, dynamic control, and sustaining long musical phrases. You’ll also practice exercises to help release tension and strain in your body. Other exercises may include those for vowel formation or ear training for recognizing intervals and pitch matching. By being open to learning various exercises and dedicating time to practice them, you’ll gain control of your vocal instrument more quickly and reach your vocal goals sooner.

Decide Lesson Duration

Lessons typically occur in 30, 45, and 60-minute increments, most often once a week. However, some students see their teachers twice a week, and some less frequently. You need to decide what lesson frequency and duration will benefit you the most. A general guideline is for elementary-aged children to start with 30 minutes, middle school students with 45 minutes, and high school students and adults with 60 minutes. But individuals vary, so consider what will work best for your situation or talk with a professional.

Select a Teacher

You’ll want to find a teacher with the teaching experience and personal musicianship to help you reach your goals. For instance, if you want to build vocal techniques to form a band and perform live on stage, finding a teacher with experience doing those things in your city will be most beneficial in achieving your goals. It’s easy to connect with excellent teachers through Lessons in Your Home, as they only employ professional musicians with real experience in performance and teaching.

So, there you have it! Now is the perfect time to embark on your journey to discovering your very best voice through voice lessons with Lessons In Your Home. You can start learning those skills now, right in your own living room, live or virtually, that will help you steal the show while still protecting your voice on your next karaoke night out on the town!

This blog is brought to you by an official Lessons In Your Home vocal instructor!

5 Essential Steps Before Starting Voice Lessons