10 Reasons to Take Private Band & Orchestra Lessons Outside of School 

Many students participate in the school band, orchestra, and other musical experiences through elementary, middle, and high school. Every year, students join the marching band, perform a solo in the orchestra, or learn new improvisational techniques with the jazz band. While these musical experiences can be quite enriching, they may not get the full experience just from participating in such large groups. Lessons In Your Home offers private band & orchestra lessons for children and adults of all ages. Students interested in private lessons as a band or orchestra member will see a marked improvement in their musical education. Taking private lessons is one of the best ways to get the most out of your child’s school music program experience. Here are ten reasons why taking private band and orchestra lessons outside of school can benefit your child.

Private Band & Orchestra Lessons Can Give Students Undivided Attention in Lessons

When your student participates in a large ensemble, they gain many new skills and learn how to work together as a team. However, minor technique issues and small bad habits can go unnoticed in such a large group. When you enroll your child in band or orchestra lessons, they will receive undivided attention from a private instructor who will easily notice and correct these issues before they become a bad habit that’s harder to break.

Students Can Learn Better & Advance Faster with Private Band & Orchestra Lessons

Students who participate in band and orchestra lessons at home tend to advance at a faster rate than their musical peers. The hands-on approach to learning while receiving individual attention can help your student develop greater skills and comprehension with their instrument of choice. Individual practice time and private lessons also offer your student a chance to perfect their part in the ensemble and take their individual skills to the next level.

Private Band & Orchestra Instructors Help Students Overcome Their Frustrations

Learning an instrument isn’t always a walk in the park, but a private instructor can help your child move through those frustrations and experience the joy of becoming a musician. Private lessons may even eliminate the frustration many students feel from time to time when faced with new challenges like learning an instrument. Support and encouragement from a private instructor, along with engaged parents, can provide your child with the confidence they need to enjoy their musical journey.

Students Can Find Their Own Artistic Expression with the Guidance of Private Band & Orchestra Instructors

In a large group setting, it can be difficult for everyone to get a chance to explore all the various aspects of music available. Lessons in Your Home offers your student a chance to develop artistic expression as they explore musical genres and techniques that might not get covered in the ensemble. Exploring new and exciting aspects of music can inspire your child to set goals and work toward achieving them outside the classroom.

Private Band & Orchestra Instructors Can Give Direct & Instant Feedback

A private instructor for band and orchestra will also be able to provide your student with direct and instant feedback. Working one-on-one during private lessons means your child will receive individualized attention for their specific instrument and skillset so they can continue to develop as a musician. Private instructors can help your child work on improving their technique and developing a more professional tone with these individualized interactions.

A Dedicated Private Orchestra Instructor Can Help Students Understand Their Instruments More

The more your student understands their instrument of choice, the more they can develop as a successful musician. Navigating the specifics and details of their instrument cannot always be done in the classroom with such a large ensemble. A private instructor can support your student in everything from finger placements to instrument cleaning and care.

Private Band & Orchestra Instructors Can Fix Students’ Bad Habits

Working with a private instructor for band and orchestra can help fix your student’s bad habits. Sometimes bad habits can get overlooked when your student’s school features large musical ensembles. A private instructor can more easily identify any bad habits your student has developed and provide one-on-one attention to break those habits and develop newer, better habits.

Private Lessons Give Students the Best Chance to Get the Top Placement of a Band/Orchestra

Private band and orchestra lessons can also help your student earn top placement, like the principal chair in their ensemble. Private instruction provides individualized attention to detail and the intricacies of various pieces, and your student’s specific playing style. With a better chance of earning top placement, this also gives your student an opportunity to become a leader among their peers.

Private Band & Orchestra Lessons Help Reserved Students Improve

Participating in band and orchestra can also help your child improve their social skills by learning how to work together with their peers. Your student will be exposed to older and better musicians who can encourage and challenge them to want to improve. Even more, reserved students will enjoy a chance to shine and receive support to continue growing and improving as a musician.

Students Can Prep Better for Solo Performances with the Help of a One-on-One Band & Orchestra Teacher

The school’s band or orchestra may offer a few solo spots each year, and those are likely to be competitive among the various talented musicians. Private band and orchestra lessons can help your student better prepare for solo auditions and performances. One-on-one private instruction can help your child gain the confidence they need in an audition setting to overcome their nerves and truly shine.

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When your child participates in the school band or orchestra, they will experience a myriad of benefits for their psychosocial and physical health. Private lessons offer your child the chance to get the most benefit out of participating in a music program at school. Whether you are looking to get your child a head start at an early age with the fundamentals of a new instrument or help your confident student excel, our professional private instructors at Lessons In Your Home are here to help!

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Reasons to Take Private Band & Orchestra Lessons Outside of School