When Should My Child Start Voice Lessons?

Many people wonder — when should my child start voice lessons in Miami? This wonderful question often leads to many different answers, depending on the instructor. Some teachers will start a student at any age. There are teachers that believe in starting in the later elementary ages, whereas others will wait until the child reaches puberty. Other vocal pedagogues won’t begin study until the pupil is 21! The simple answer: your child can voice lessons at any age. The study and type of vocal discipline WILL vary depending on their age. It is of the utmost importance for the vocal teacher to exercise proper vocal care because more than anything we want your child to have a healthy voice that lasts a lifetime.

The Youngest Singer

You may find your child singing melodies as early as 4 or 5 years old. A voice is a wonderful tool to learn to recognize melodies. This helps build pitch accuracy and recognition and is key in developing aural memory. The best thing a young singer can do is to take piano lessons. It is positively harmonious to incorporate singing into these lessons! I have many students as early as 5 years old sing and play fun tunes such as “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” They do this with perfect coordination, pitch, and rhythm. Young artists can learn all of these musical skills at the same time! It is remarkable to realize the power young singers and pianists have in remembering melodies. Many young ones take to it as naturally as a fish takes to water. The most expressive pianists must learn to “sing” with their fingers. Likewise, the best singers think like an instrumentalist.

What to avoid at a young age

Many Miami vocal instructors will exercise great caution with young students and this is for a good reason. A human voice is delicate and there shouldn’t be any strenuous support put on the diaphragmatic muscles when the singer is too young. It can be dangerous to overly push or strain a young voice. Please consider that the voice changes with physical development. It does not reach full maturity until your mid-30s. Traditional operatic study typically begins after one has reached puberty. The question is how do we see so many child singers? Are they unique? How do they do this?

The most important thing

A child can sing professionally. I do not believe in pushing anyone too young, beyond what they are psychologically and physically capable of. The most important thing is the emotional and physical health of the young singer. With that said, I have worked with many child singers who have starred in professional productions and have careers through their adulthood. These young ones were happy, delighted, and had a team that included the support of teachers and family. In fact, if your child is already singing professionally, it is extremely important for them to take lessons. This is to ensure that your singer is not overly pushing and singing in a healthy way. Without instruction, even the most gifted student has the potential to hurt themselves. Would you have your child do backflips or gymnastics without supervision or instruction? The same thing applies to the voice. A good teacher can assess what the student is capable of depending on their age and level.
A healthy voice can and will last a lifetime! I tell my students the most important thing is to sing forever. My wonderful teacher and mentor took me under her wing when she was in her 80s! I was in awe of her beautiful voice which was as strong as it was when she sang in the Metropolitan Opera. I was twelve years old, when I studied with my idol, having started taking vocal lessons at age nine. She taught me the importance of healthy singing which involves a
proper vocal technique. She stressed the importance of taking care of your body and mental health. A good singer is a happy singer. The joy comes from singing that feels easy.

Singing Success at Any Age

Tiny ones can recite aural melodies while learning an instrument. Think about how you remembered your A-B-Cs with a song! Pre-teens can certainly begin learning about the diaphragm muscles and healthy breathing techniques. Sight-singing can build music skills that will transpose over to any instrument. Teenagers can grow into their voices and enjoy this exciting time of vocal development! Adults can use their strong core muscles to project their voices in ways that make a microphone unnecessary but an added accessory! Older ones can sing with confidence knowing their voice has matured and is ready to soar. It all starts with the desire and LOVE of singing.

Need to Book a Teacher?

If your child is ready to start vocal lessons, you’ve come to the right place. Our Miami vocal instructors are experts in singing, including how to take care of the voice. Even better, they provide Miami voice lessons in your own home. Contact us today to find out more about our teachers. They can either come to your home to teach or can also provide online music lessons. Our virtual music lessons are taught by local music teachers who plan their lessons to suit your child.

– Megan Lipsky

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