What’s the Best Age to Start Voice Lessons?

Are you thinking about enrolling your child in voice lessons? If your child is young, you may not be sure if now is the best time, at what age should you consider private voice lessons?.
If you start them too young, they may not take the lessons seriously. But if you wait too long, you might be concerned that your son or daughter will be behind in their studies.

Of course, many people don’t start taking voice lessons until they’re adults, but if you want your child to start their vocal training young, it helps to have an idea of when to start getting them lessons.

Wait Until Their Voice Settles

When kids go through puberty, almost every part of the body is affected. This includes the voice. Pre-teens who are going through this biological process often find that their voice cracks and starts to sound different.
This doesn’t just affect how they speak—it also affects how they sing. During puberty, the voice tends to deepen and become what people consider more mature. Once puberty is over, students can truly begin learning vocal techniques and honing their voices.

How Can You Tell When a Voice Has Settled?

Puberty generally hits children between ages 10 and 12, but it can come on earlier or later. It all depends on the child and their unique body chemistry.
There’s also no set time for the voice to change and settle. During this period, the larynx and vocal cords grow and become stronger. Usually, this process only lasts a few months.
When you no longer notice your child’s voice cracking or breaking, their voice has settled.

Younger Kids Can Still Take Voice Lessons

Don’t deny your younger child Atlanta voice lessons just because they haven’t hit puberty yet. Young children who love singing can still take voice lessons and enjoy them.
However, their voices will change as they age, so they often can’t learn some of the basic vocal techniques simply because their vocal cords aren’t fully developed yet.
They may also be too young to truly focus on their lessons or to fully understand what their voice teacher is trying to teach them.
Starting kids with music lessons a young age can help them learn the fundamentals such as how to read music and how to learn music. To provide them with this foundation, many music teachers recommend starting young kids off on an instrument.
Let them learn the piano or guitar first so they can learn these basics without worrying about how their voice will change later. As an added benefit, they also learn how to play a musical instrument, giving them another skill that can serve them well in school, college, and beyond.

Encourage Your Child

Even if your child is fairly young, you can still encourage them to sing and learn music. It will have a lasting effect on their self-esteem and teach them how to focus on practicing and honing a skill.
Don’t discourage younger kids from singing just because their voice hasn’t changed yet. While private vocal lessons may not be the right choice at their young age, they suggest that they learn an instrument instead.
You can also encourage them to sing often and look into groups they could join at school, church, or other organization. Discouraging them at a young age may make them lose their drive to study voice.

Book Vocal Lessons Today

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What’s the Best Age to Start Voice Lessons

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