Easy Songs to Play on Piano

shutterstock_2363309233One of the things you’ve probably been itching to do if you’ve signed up for piano lessons in Miami is to get your hands on a piano and learn some songs! It’s the main reason many people seek out piano lessons in Miami- to be able to play songs they love, while entertaining their friends and family alike. If you’re a true beginner just starting to learn the basics on the piano, you may think you have to wait until you’re a more seasoned player before you start learning any songs. But, as any good instructor of piano lessons in Miami will tell you, that’s just not true.
You can start learning a few easy songs very early on – you just have to understand what to look for in a song, and you have to understand what it takes to be able to play these songs.
We’ve put together a brief list that will help you find easy songs to master in no time!

What Makes for an Easy Song to Learn?

Like we said, you won’t have to wait long after you start your piano lessons in Miami to start learning songs on the piano. There are a few caveats, though, and the big one is this: you’ll have to be able to read sheet music. You don’t have to be an expert, but you do need to understand what you’re looking at in order to assess what songs make for easy learning and which don’t.
Being able to assess sheet music will be your cue to knowing if a piece of music is within your reach as a beginner. Sheet music will tell you the tempo, rhythm, and length of the piece of music. Recognizing these things (especially pieces of music that are short) will help build your confidence as you add songs to your repertoire. Of course, if you have been practicing good habits for piano growth from the very start, it will be easier for you to learn and adapt to new songs.
If you’re still unsure about picking out songs via sheet music, here are three things to consider as you assess these songs:

Hand Independence and Range of Movement

As you’re probably aware, when we talk about hand independence during lessons with a piano teacher in Miami, what we’re referring to is the ability to have your hands perform different functions at the same time. Usually, this looks like your right hand playing a melody, while your left hand plays an accompaniment. When looking at sheet music to decide whether or not it’s a good fit for your current skill level, you’ll want to look for an accompanying part that is very basic- just a few notes or chords.
Similarly, when we talk about the range of hand movement, we’re looking at how far your hands will have to move in order to hit the notes dictated on the sheet music. The more you have to stretch your hands to reach chords, the more difficult this piece of sheet music will be. On your sheet music, notes that are easier to reach will be closer together. Aim to find pieces of music that won’t send your hands stretching all over the place.


You’ll want to choose sheet music with simple, easy rhythms to begin. When assessing sheet music, if you see lots of dotted notes or triplets, these are indicators that the music may be more complex than you’re ready for. Avoid these and stick with pieces of music that have fewer off-beat notes.


As a beginner, you’re still learning where your hands and fingers need to go and when, so you’re not able to play particularly fast or up-tempo music. You’ll be able to tell the tempo of a piece of sheet music by seeing how many notes are sixteenth notes or higher. If the piece of music you’re looking at contains lots of these higher notes, it’s probably best to save it until you’re a little more seasoned and can handle the quicker tempo.

Easy Songs You Can Learn on the Piano

You’re hopefully now more comfortable assessing piano sheet music, and if you are ready to jump into learning songs, here are a few examples of songs you can confidently master at the beginner stage!

Drunken Sailor

We’re going to warn you from the start: You’ll be humming or singing this song all day, every day. There’s a reason this song is beloved and known by many. It’s an old sea shanty originally sung by sailors while they were working on their ships or out at sea. It’s a simple melody perfect for beginner piano players.

Amazing Grace

This classic church hymn has gained popularity outside the four walls that usually contain it on Sundays. The short and sweet melody can be jazzed up by additional harmonizing chords.

Red River Valley

This is another classic made famous by cowboy movies and Westerns. This simple tune will have you playing mostly white keys, which makes it a great beginner piece to master. This one is a favorite as it’s fun and easy to play.

Swan Lake

Believe it or not, the Swan Lake Theme by Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s ballet is easier to play than it seems, and you’ll definitely impress people when you play this one for them. This piece is very repetitive, which makes it easy to learn and easy for you to master. You’ll use both hands a good bit, but it’s great for hand independence practice.

Clair de Lune

This beloved and famous piece by Debussy is another great classical piece that is deceptively easy to learn but no less impressive. This song picks up some difficulty in the middle but has a very easy, straightforward introduction. You’ll use both hands, but for the majority of the song, you’ll be able to focus on the rhythm.

Piano Lessons in Miami

Hopefully, you feel confident that, with a little practice and by choosing the appropriate pieces, you’ll be learning and loving playing the piano in no time. By understanding what makes sheet music appropriate for beginners, you’ll be able to work with your piano lesson teacher to create a deep repertoire as a beginner that will keep you busy and that will impress your friends and family.
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Easy Songs to Play on Piano

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