Do You Have to Know How to Play an Instrument to Be a Singer?

shutterstock_1007059798Some of our favorite musicians and rockstars can all sing, and they can play an instrument. Even if they’re singers who don’t sing from behind an instrument, most of them have grown up playing an instrument. Typically, it’s the guitar or the piano. If you’ve been looking into voice lessons in Houston for your child, you may have wondered if they should learn to play an instrument before they start singing. Should your child learn an instrument as they practice singing? Will learning an instrument improve the way they sing?

Will learning an instrument make you a better singer?

The short answer is no; your child doesn’t have to learn an instrument or know how to play one well before they start to practice singing. Many talented singers didn’t learn to play an instrument before singing. For example, Ozzy Osborne, Ariana Grande, and Rihanna do not know how to play musical instruments. Beyoncé plays a little piano, but she is not professionally trained. The human voice is an instrument. That being said, to use it well requires practicing and time to learn how to use it properly, much like what you would do if you were learning to play an instrument. If your child is taking singing lessons with a professional, you should ask their voice coach their opinion about learning an instrument. One thing is for sure, though, taking singing lessons will improve your child’s singing voice. Check out our blog here to learn what you can do to prepare your child for successful voice lessons.

The benefits of learning an instrument for singing

Not knowing how to play a musical instrument won’t make your child a less than performer or singer. And again, no requirement says that to be a singer, you have to learn an instrument. However, many benefits come with learning how to play one, and many would argue that it will improve a singer in three areas: melody, harmony, and rhythm.
Like any other instrument, a persons’ voice can become out of tune. By learning to play an instrument, you become well acquainted with each note and its sounds, which will help to fine-tune your ear with your voice’s pitch. By playing the piano, you can also learn to harmonize well by playing several notes at once. This is also helpful to grow accustomed to while learning to sing, especially harmony. Rhythm is a problematic area for singers, so learning an instrument, like the piano or guitar, can be beneficial in learning to keep time. This is especially important because as a singer, your child will have to learn to sing with other musicians accompanying him or her.

What instrument is the most helpful?

This choice is up to you or your child. Many often suggest that learning the piano or the guitar, either before or during voice lessons, provides the most benefit to someone learning how to sing. Again, learning to play an instrument and learning to sing is the most beneficial for those who are serious about becoming aspiring musicians. Your child certainly doesn’t have to become a master at their musical instrument, but learning about one will help them become better singers.

Take their singing goals seriously

To prepare your child for success with music lessons, keep your child’s goals in mind when it comes to singing. For those with singing goals, whether your child wants a solo in a choir rehearsal, wants a major role in the school musical, or if they have professional aspirations, getting a singing coach is a must. If you’re serious about improving your voice or your child’s voice, you will want to find a qualified voice teacher in Houston.
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Do You Have to Know How to Play an Instrument to Be a Singer

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