Teacher Profile: Violeta Kascelan

Violeta Kascelan

Violeta Kascelan

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Houston

Education: Music Academy of Montenegro

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    About Violeta Kascelan

    Mrs. Violeta Kascelan is trained in the classical Russian method. She studied with famous musicians and teachers from the former Soviet Union. She started her studies at Professional Music School at the age of seven.

    Violeta is an accomplished solo pianist and accompanist with an experience of over 30 years. This includes numerous solo piano performances in Montenegro, Croatia to name a few. She has also collaborated with many other instrumentalists and singers throughout her many years of performing and teaching. In addition, she assisted at various venues as a guest pianist in Montenegro.

    Violeta is known for her distinguished teaching Ability. She has had talented students who have been major prizewinners in different competitions at the local and national level. Ms. Kascelan's work has been highly acknowledged by her peers--other piano teachers and other professional musicians--as well as by her students In Montenegro.

    The results of her outstanding background as a student, teacher, and performer are clearly seen in Mrs. Kascelan`s teaching skill. As a teacher, Violeta Kascelan is patient, creative, innovative and confident. She is deeply committed to a high standard and excellent quality of musical education.

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