Teacher Profile: Talon Webb

Talon Webb

Talon Webb

Instrument(s): Guitar

City: Houston

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    About Talon Webb

    From a very young age, Talon was passionate about music. He has many memories in riding in the back of his moms car while she played her favorite music, from Michael Jackson to Willie Nelson to Def Leppard. Being exposed to a wide variety of music at a young age instilled a deep passion and love for music. He still remembers hearing the beginning of Crazy Train around age 5 or 6 and thinking, "If I could play guitar, I would play that riff forever." Coming from a long line of musicians, music truly runs through his blood. He started playing guitar at 15, and never looked back. He told his parents that he wanted to take lessons so that he would be able to really delve into his instrument with a hands on approach. His teacher, Isaac Gish, is a very skilled musician, and Talon learned different styles of playing, how to read music, as well as the ins and outs of music theory in their time together.

    Since he starting playing, Talon's dream and drive in life has been to become a touring musician. He started a band called 200 Decibels, and ended up playing at a battle of the bands. The energy he and his bandmate created during that performance made them a crowd favorite, and inspired Talon to continue on his musical journey. He loved surprising the audience as the "quiet kid" who got on stage to play such loud and rambunctious music. In Talon's pursuit of writing original material, he eventually had the opportunity to record in a professional studio and put out songs under his band name 200 decibels.

    After competing school and more in depth study on guitar, Talon had an opportunity to leave his small hometown in Utah and moved to Texas in hopes of more musical opportunities. His move to Houston allowed him to start teaching others how to play guitar. Teaching was a true joy that he didn't know he was missing in life. Talon loves watching his students learn and grow in their playing, and seeing them come out of their shell. Talon continues to enjoy not only playing and creating music, but also teaching a new generation of musicians.

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