Teacher Profile: Schuyler Tsuda

Schuyler Tsuda

Schuyler Tsuda

Instrument(s): Guitar

City: Houston

Education: Gonzaga University; Guitar Institute of Hawaii

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    About Schuyler Tsuda

    Schuyler Tsuda is a guitarist and composer who holds two Bachelor's Degrees in Music from Gonzaga University with concentrations in Classical Guitar Performance, Composition and Music Education. He went on to earn his M.M. and Ph.D. in Music Composition from the University of Hawaii and the University of Minnesota. Schuyler Tsuda studied Classical guitar with Leon Atkinson, a former student of the great Andres Segovia, flamenco guitar with L.A.-based flamenco troupe guitarist Mitchell Chang and electric guitar with Angelo Barques of the Guitar Institute of Hawaii. He competed in the Northwest Guitar Festival and was a semi-finalist in the Gonzaga University Concerto Competition. He has taught guitar lessons at Gonzaga University and the Guitar Institute of Hawaii, and Schuyler has taught graduate and undergraduate music classes at the University of Minnesota and the University of Hawaii.

    Schuyler Tsuda's varied influences make him a stylistically open-minded teacher. He has taught kids and adults of all ages and enjoys the process of guiding his students to reach their full musical potential. He believes in the importance of a solid technique and a strong music theory foundation but also encourages creativity. Schuyler Tsuda is an active composer and songwriter, and his own compositions and guitar-based recordings are available on multiple streaming platforms.

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