Teacher Profile: Kyle Clemmons

Kyle Clemmons

Kyle Clemmons

Instrument(s): Guitar, Music Theory, Piano

City: Houston

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    About Kyle Clemmons

    Kyle Clemmons is a Music Therapy Student at Sam Houston State University. At 10 years old, his dad showed him his first chords on a guitar, and he hasn't set it down since. Originally from Port Arthur, Texas, Kyle spent many years playing with a folk/rock/blues band all over Texas and Louisiana. Two years ago he moved to Huntsville when he was accepted into the Sam Houston State Music Therapy and Guitar programs. He is available to teach all aspects and types of guitar, piano, and music theory.

    Kyle's musical roots include older country music, rock and roll, the blues, and folk, but has expanded into many different genres and stylings over time to include punk, big band, and pop, to name a few. His current focus, due to school, is classical guitar and piano, but he enjoys all types of music and is more than willing to help a student work towards whatever niche they choose. His schooling has provided him with practicum experience working with children as young as three, special needs adults, and geriatric populations, but he works well with people of all backgrounds and skill levels, and welcomes all students. Kyle comes from a family of teachers, principals, and coaches, and worked for two years as a substitute teacher for Nederland Independent School District, where he acquired the various skills needed to effectively relate to, interact with, and truly engage a student. He is able to connect with all kinds of people, engage them, and help them learn in a way that best suits their individual needs.

    His other passion (aside from music) is animals. He has a Husky named Phoebe, a bearded dragon named Violet, and many different fish.

    After graduating, Kyle hopes to run a private Music Therapy Practice and teach at the University level. The most rewarding thing to him is seeing people engaged and excited about learning new things, and this is what he hopes to do with his career. He will personally ensure that a student not only shows progress and improvement, but more importantly, that they have fun while they do it.

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