Teacher Profile: Fitzroy Graham

Fitzroy Graham

Fitzroy Graham

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Houston

Education: University of Houston; Lonestar Montgomery Community College

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    About Fitzroy Graham

    A pianist, composer, conductor and entertainer- this is the artistic realm of Fitzroy Graham II, who is a 2019 University of Houston ( U of H) graduate.  He completed his bachelors of Arts degree, majored in Music with a double minor in Kinesiology and Spanish. He earned an associate degree in music from The Lone Star College- Montgomery in 2015 and at the age of twenty-four is positioning himself to enrich the world as a gifted pianist and musician. His piano performance is captivating and versatile. His elevated skills as a virtuoso resulted from the tutelage of talented piano instructors: associate professor of piano at U of H, Moores School of Music, Tali Morgulis; Sergey Kuznetsov, professor of piano at Lone Star College-Montgomery; Polly Beaver, a winner of numerous competitions and a former student of Olegna Fuschi of the Juilliard School of Music and Vivia Taylor of The Vivia Taylor Music Program.

    In addition, Fitzroy is a talented choral singer. He spent a year as a member of the U of H Moores School of Music, Mancorps under its Director Dr. Jeb Mueller, who had conducted many ensembles around the country. His national festival wins are archived. Fitzroy was a member of U of H Moores School of Music Concert Chorale, one of the most prestigious and recognized choral ensembles in the world, directed by Dr. Betsy Cook Weber, an internationally renowned choir director. Fitzroy is actively composing new music and performing. He has over 50 compositions including 27 copyrights. In addition to music, Fitzroy loves to bike, participate in meaningful conversations, exercise and read the Bible.

    At six years old, Fitzroy received his first tutoring as a piano student. In 2002, at the age of seven, competing in his first talent show and playing Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”, as a student of Holy Rosary Catholic School, New York, he won first place. He continued to evolve and received the 2011 and 2012 Outstanding Musician Award, at Caleb Ackerman Piano Studio, affiliated with Hall’s School of Music. Fitzroy has participated in Gold Cup events and received consecutive superior grading in 2011 and 2012. His many compositions include:”

    Endless Tango, Improv in G minor, Victory and Midnight Moonlight.

    Fitzroy has been teaching for over a year with LIYH and is well versed in teaching different styles, approaches, and age groups. This includes classical, pop, blues, and jazz as well as teaching sight reading, ear training, and other foundations to music.

    Website: https://fitzgraham.com

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