Teacher Profile: Cory Williamson

Cory Williamson

Cory Williamson

Instrument(s): Drums, Percussion

City: Houston

Education: Lone Star College

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    About Cory Williamson

    Cory Williamson's introduction to percussion began at nine years old and has continued on as a lifelong passion. Cory has studied with five different masters of the craft over the years and has used this knowledge to teach privately for the last five years. His music education started with private lessons from a teacher at the local drum shop. Shortly after, Cory pursued private lessons with the main church service drummer at Second Baptist Church in Houston. Later on, Cory became the main drummer for the high school service at the church. At age 12, he began percussion class at his junior high, and remained first chair for the duration of his time at the school. Then, Cory competed in regional and state performance taking top prizes. Upon entering high school, he auditioned for and made the marching snare line as a freshman while simultaneously making top chair jazz band drummer for the One O'Clock jazz band. Throughout the rest of his high school career, he went on to compete place in Regional Jazz and he served as snare and drumline captain for his school.

    After graduating, Cory began joining local bands and gigging as a studio drummer in Houston, Austin, Los Angeles, and New York. Throughout this, Cory has continued taking lessons from his current teacher, Dave Elitch, who has played for Weezer, The Mars Volta, and Miley Cyrus among many others. Cory has toured the entire U.S. and U.K. with bands such as Omar Apolllo, Bakar, Fade em all, Victor internet, Kenny Hoopla, to name a few. Cory ix currently signed with his main band to Atlantic Records in New York and individually to publisher hipnosis.

    Cory looks forward to sharing his love for music and drumming with his students, and is excited to show them the joy of performing he has found over the years.

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