Teacher Profile: Calvin Lee

Calvin  Lee

Calvin Lee

Instrument(s): Cello, Viola, Violin

City: Houston

Education: University of Hong Kong

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    About Calvin Lee

    A graduate of Education University of Hong Kong in 2014, Calvin Lee is an educator, musician, violin teacher, and orchestra conductor. Hong Kong-born Dr. Lee was a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Violin Performing and Music Theory, Music History, Orchestral Conductor, and Music Education. His first Master's degree and Bachelor's degree were earned at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His studies continued at the Education University of Hong Kong, where he earned a Master of Arts and a Doctor of Philiosophy in Music Education.

    While studying at the Education University of Hong Kong, Calvin served as Teaching Associate under the supervision of Dr. Koji Matsunobu and was on the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and Master of Arts in Music Education Program for over two years. It was during this period that his fruitful association with the university began. As a result, upon graduation, Calvin was hired by the university as a Post-doctoral Fellow under the mentorship of Prof. Leung Bo-Wah. This position equipped Calvin with a wide range of knowledge in music education. Other than making publications for top ranked academic journals like the International Journal Music Education and Music Education Research, Calvin was a frequent presenter in international academic conferences like the World Conference for the International Society for Music Education and Asia-Pacific Symposium for Music Education Research. His work has been presented throughout the United States, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Japan and Azerbaijan.

    Calvin's experience as a violin teacher goes back a long way ,before he attended the Education University of Hong Kong. Calvin has over 20 years of experience teaching violin at Mozart Music Education Center. In this position, Calvin taught students from Pre-K to 12 inclusively. During this valuable time, Calvin learned the importance of evolvability for a good music teacher. Beginners need teachers who are warm, enthusiastic, and generate interest and enthusiasm. He sees that immediate level students need constructive, positive feedback to create a progressive learning environment. Finally, for advanced level students, Calvin takes on mentorship role, and introduces students to professional arenas that sounds most relavent to them.

    Calvin is the recipient of numerous scholarship and awards, including an Outbound Learning Scholarship 2017-18 which granted for attending the 33th World Conference for the International Society for Music Education held at Baku, Azerbaijan on July 2018. In 2021, Dr. Lee received another Postgraduate Students Publication Awards 2021 for his successful publication to International Journal of Music Education accepted on April 2020. Last but not least, as a Post-doctoral Fellow, Calvin received a Special Merit Awardsin 2022 for his outstanding performance as a Post-doctoral Fellow. This award is highly competitive with less than 10% of faculty receiving this award. Calvin gives public lectures and adjudicates all types of music events at the community level. As a musician father, he has been invited to share his parenting experience in a television program. Further, Calvin has been invited to adjudicate in numerous music competitions, including the Hong Kong Schools Music Award Competition, the Joint School Music Association Competition, and the Inter-School International Performance Challenge. Dr. Lee has always been committed to promoting music education.

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