Teacher Profile: Ademola Adejayan

Ademola Adejayan

Ademola Adejayan

Instrument(s): Violin

City: Houston

Education: Texas Southern University

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    About Ademola Adejayan

    Demola is a Violinist, Violist and also an Artist. He has been playing the violin professionally since 2004. He is well rounded in different genres ranging from Classical , Jazz , Pop and African music. He was the Concert Master of the Abuja philharmonic orchestra in Nigeria moving to the United States.

    Demola has played in several string quartets as the principal violinist and also as a violist. He's performed throughout Africa and has vast experience in Chamber music, traveling for performances in different cities and countries.

    Demola has a passion for teaching strings. His love for teaching has made him successful in raising three string chamber orchestras in three churches . Some of his students have now become principal violinists in different orchestras. "Teaching is a gift and I'm glad to have been blessed with this gift and the love of it", says Demola.

    Demola also has an MS in Biology from Texas Southern University and qualifications for Intermediate and Advanced String Quartet Exam include Grade 8 ABRSM violin exam.

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