Teacher Profile: Aaron Rovak

Aaron Rovak

Aaron Rovak

Instrument(s): Guitar

City: Houston

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    About Aaron Rovak

    Aaron has been playing guitar since since the age of 8 and began teaching 14 years later. Although he started learning at the age of 8, the music "bug" didn't really bite until he was a teenager. Music study, playing, and teaching have been a massive driving force in his life ever since.

    Aaron learned from playing in live music settings presented, and his study began to take a focus on improvisation, and strong ear and theory training. He played predominantly in churches and with different local artists, stepping in to learn and play a part on the spot. As a teacher, this has focused him to teach in a way that gives the student the tools they need to pick up their instrument and translate their skills into multiple styles.

    Over the years, his students have ranged from children as young as 4, to adults into their 80's, and have spanned all ability levels and learning differences. He believes that music is a gift that teaches more than a skill or hobby, and can be a blessing to anyone willing to put in the effort. "Have fun, and let the process be the process."

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