Four Differences Between Voice Lessons for Adult & Child Learners

Lessons In Your Home’s teachers have been providing music lessons to a variety of ages over the years, which has always required different teaching approaches based on the individual. When it comes specifically to singing and voice lessons, there are many differences to consider between adults and children. While the basics such as breath control and vowel formation are taught to every student, voice teachers use different techniques, exercises, and activities to teach children versus adults. Lessons in Your Home offers voice lessons that cater to each student’s natural instrument, regardless of age. Here are four major differences between adult and child voice lessons.

Maturity and Self-Discipline

Adults often sign up for voice lessons with a specific goal in mind, while children are often signed up by parents to develop a lifelong passion for music. Children may need more encouragement to practice regularly than adults, requiring patience and discipline that adults may already possess. Our team is aware of this, and one way we help kids build both patience and discipline is by making learning and practicing fun!

Vocal Development and Technique

All beginning singers need to work hard to improve their vocal development, regardless of age. Children may benefit from starting voice lessons early in life, but may require more general terms and analogies to understand vocal techniques. Adults can often process information more quickly, allowing teachers to move faster in their teaching. Because of this, our teachers spend more time on basic vocal exercises and focus on building a strong foundation for children.

Repertoire Selection

Good voice teachers should evaluate a student’s voice, age, experience, and technique when selecting repertoire. Children’s pieces are chosen to enhance their voice and build their skills, while adults have more freedom to choose pieces that fit their goals. This is one primary area where lessons may greatly differ in the week to week of practice!

Vocal Warm-Ups and Exercises

Voice teachers create fun and engaging lessons for both children and adults, but may emphasize confidence-building for children and intellectual development for adults. Children’s lessons may incorporate fun tongue twisters or easy scales, while adults may focus on technical exercises for breathing, diaphragm control, and more.

Ready for a Voice Teacher?

Lessons in Your Home provides the best and most encouraging voice teachers around! Our teachers will come to your home for every lesson, plus we offer virtual lessons, too. All our lessons are taught by local musicians that are tailored to your child and family. Contact Lessons in Your Home today to learn more.