7 Helpful Tips to Boost Your Child’s Confidence Before a Piano Recital

Piano RecitalPlaying in front of an audience, regardless of size, can make a young piano player very nervous. If your child has never performed in a piano recital, they’re likely to be a ball of nerves.
While their piano instructor will have helped them prepare to play, there’s nothing that can quite prepare someone to step out onto a stage and perform for the first time. However, there are some things you can do to help boost your child’s confidence before their first piano recital.

1. Attend A Recital First

Before your child performs at a recital, take them to one. Let them see what all it involves. Often, nerves come from simply not knowing what’s going to happen. Let your child see what others do during a recital, how the other players make mistakes, and how the audience still applauds for them.
If possible, ask their teacher to take them backstage so they can see what it looks like and how the process of waiting to perform works. The more they can learn about a recital, the less nervous they will be.

2. Remind Them that They Aren’t Alone

Remind your child that they’re not the only one performing at the recital. Talk to them about how the other students will be nervous, too. In fact, it may help if your child could talk to some of the other students who also will be playing. Older players may be able to give your child some tips on dealing with their nervousness or talk about their first time playing.

3. Have Them Sit with Their Teacher

You may be very nervous for your child. If you’re both very nervous, they may pick up on your anxiety, causing their own to spike. If your child is going to sit in the audience and watch others perform until it’s their turn, it can make them more anxious if they sit near you.
You might suggest that your child sit with their teacher or with the other students who will be performing at the recital instead of with you. This can help them focus more on themselves like when taking private piano lessons and not pick up on your own nerves.

4. Have a Practice Recital

If possible, you and your child should meet with their piano teacher the day before or even the morning of the recital to have a practice or rehearsal. This gives your child the chance to actually perform on the same stage they will be performing on during the actual event. It can also help them loosen up a bit on the recital day.

5. Get Them Used to Playing in Front of Others

While you don’t want your child to spend the entire morning of their recital practicing, it can help to have them play in front of others in the weeks before the recital. Have them perform for relatives, your friends, and even their own friends if they’re comfortable with that. The more they can get used to performing in front of people, the better.

6. Ask if Withdrawing is Allowed

Talk to your child’s teacher about whether or not withdrawing from the recital is allowed and what the deadline is to do so. This should always be considered a last resort, but if your child is really nervous to the point that it’s making them feel sick, they may need to pull out of the recital and perform at a later date.

7. Work with the Best Teacher

If your child really wants to learn the piano, they need a great teacher. We provide piano lessons in your own home, so your child will always feel comfortable in their environment. Contact us today to learn more.

7 Helpful Tips to Boost Your Child’s Confidence Before a Piano Recital

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