Banjo Lessons For Kids

Being so close to West Virginia and Appalachia, this 5 stringed, fingerpicked instrument has cultivated great popularity over the years. This instrument can be enjoyed by young kids and adults alike! To supplement their banjo lessons, our students are encouraged to partake in organizations such as the DC bluegrass union - which promotes the bluegrass music education, performance, venues, and events. Additionally, our young bluegrass musicians can enjoy specialized stores such as the House of Musical Traditions, and attend local gatherings and performances such as the Annual DC Bluegrass Festival.

Getting Lessons Near You

At Lessons In Your Home, our priority is to nurture a love for music, your instrument, and to develop a strong bond between teacher and student. Our teachers undergo a rigorous interview process to assess musical skill, educational background, teaching competencies, and personality. This assessment process ensures that all our teachers are fully equipped to deliver the best banjo lessons that DC has to offer - whether it be in person or virtual music lessons! If you are searching for convenient, quality music lessons, look no further. Lessons In Your Home is always accepting new students - start today!