Teacher Profile: Zane Armstrong

Zane Armstrong

Zane Armstrong

Instrument(s): Baritone, Euphonium, Guitar, Piano, Trombone, Trumpet

City: Houston

Education: Sam Houston State University

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    About Zane Armstrong

    Zane began playing music at the age of 10 in the band program playing the trombone. That pursuit quickly branched out to other instruments. After getting involved in jazz band and learning some keyboards on the side, he began to play in bands and write music with friends outside of school.

    Zane went to Sam Houston State University to study music, and brought his studies back to Houston to continue playing and sharing knowledge locally. His musical interests range from pop to rock, jazz, and hip hop. Zane currently plays synth and keyboards with Mantra Love.

    Zane has enjoyed teaching music lessons for the last several years. He teaches students of all ages and experiences from young beginners to adults. He is comfortable teaching styles from classical to popular repertoire. Zane teaches guitar and piano as well as various band instruments such as trumpet, trombone, baritone, and euphonium.

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