Teacher Profile: Silvio Giannetti

Silvio Giannetti

Silvio Giannetti

Instrument(s): Baritone, Brass, Drums, Euphonium, Percussion, Piano, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, mellophone

City: Houston

Education: University of Houston

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    About Silvio Giannetti

    Silvio Giannetti has been a musician for the entirety of his life, and has played and toured with professional classical groups and jazz bands in Brazil, South America and the US. In addition, Silvio has played on more than 30 recorded albums. His primary instrument is trombone, but he has been teaching for over 20 years, and has taught students of all ages on brass, drums, piano, and more. Silvio has had many students go ob to play both professionally and casually as life-long learners.

    Silvio has a passion for music and teaching, and is passionate about sharing his love for music to his students. He believes that music can help his students in areas beyond the music itself. Music makes us better people!

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