Teacher Profile: Laura Linck

Laura Linck

Laura Linck

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano

City: Houston

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    About Laura Linck

    Seeking ways to explore and enhance the world of music, Laura Linck has dedicated her life to music. She began exploring music at the early age of 10 when she started joining large and small vocal ensembles. Since, she has performed in festivals, funerals, weddings, concerts, and church events. Currently finishing her music therapy degree from Sam Houston State University, Laura Linck is interning in a private practice setting. It is here that Laura has gained the knowledge and experience of teaching piano and guitar, thus making her an adaptable teacher, something very important in the teaching process. Laura attended Sam Houston State University and has college experience in piano and guitar, further enhancing her teaching abilities. Laura has been teaching both piano and guitar since 2011.

    It is Laura’s philosophy that music is an important part of life, as well as her goal to teach the beauty and fun of the music making process. Her success as a teacher lies in her ability to customize the different needs and abilities of each client to set the student up for high success. Laura also believes in a healthy sense of self-expression and fun within the music making process. A positive and rewarding environment is important to Laura when teaching.

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