Teacher Profile: Lanis McWilliams

Lanis McWilliams

Lanis McWilliams

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Houston

Education: Houston Baptist University

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    About Lanis McWilliams

    Lanis McWilliams is a student of Houston Baptist University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance. A Houstonian born and raised, she was inspired from a young age by the works of Paul Dukas, George Gershwin and other musical composers in their ability to capture emotion and storytelling through the art of music. Since 2007, she has dedicated to pursuing learning piano and music theory. It is her hope that she will be able to help her students not only develop a passion and appreciation for music through piano, but also develop the virtues of self-discipline and perseverance to take with them in all other areas of life.

    When Lanis isn’t providing accompaniment for a ballet class or studying the great works of Beethoven and Handel, she can often be found delving into other areas of the arts including writing, drawing, and learning the art of animation.

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