Teacher Profile: Kenneth Washington

Kenneth Washington

Kenneth Washington

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Clarinet, Drums, Flute, Piano, Saxophone, Trumpet, Ukulele

City: Houston

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    About Kenneth Washington

    Kenneth is a music teacher, composer, and audio engineer from Baton Rouge, LA. Kenneth has an extensive musical background that continues to be honed to this day.

    He has worked with students from early childhood to adult in all aspects of music. Whether it’s teaching a beginner how to play an instrument, teaching songs by rote and sheet music, or just exploring the vast world of music through games, technology, and fun activities, Kenneth excels when it comes to working with students. Kenneth is well versed and can play many different instruments. His primary instruments: are drums (20 years), Piano (18 years), and bass guitar (14 years). Kenneth had formal lessons on drums starting at age 9.

    Kenneth's roots are a healthy combination of classical, jazz and gospel music training. He has been in concert band since the age 10, jazz band since the age of 11, and his been drumming for the church since the age of 11, as well.

    Kenneth is a graduate of Southern University with a Bachelors degree of Music Education. Attending Southern University allowed Kenneth the privilege of marching with the infamous “Human Jukebox”, the band of Southern University. As a former band member, Kenneth carries many of the same ideals that the organization promoted into his teachings. Ideals such as hard work, unity, practice, uniformity, consistency, and complete willingness to learn something new. In addition to participating in the Marching band for 3 years, Kenneth also participated actively in the Southern University Wind Ensemble for 5 years, the Southern University "Jazzy Jags" Jazz ensemble for 3 years, and the Southern University Concert Choir for 2 years, as well as putting on a number of solo recitals as part of the rigorous performance based curriculum.

    Kenneth also obtained a Masters of Science degree in Music Technology from Indiana University Purdue University-Indianapolis. In earning this degree, Kenneth engaged in a number of projects, both single and collaborative, that was designed to train and perfect the art of audio engineering as well as utilize and create technological avenues for the advancement of music education.

    Kenneth has studied under a number of excellent musicians such as: Lawrence Jackson-former director of Southern University Bands, Carnell Knighton-former director of Southern University Bands, Johnny Lee Lane-Marching percussion pioneer/drum expert, Herman Jackson-Percussion specialist Southern University, and Dr. Scott Deal-Music Technology and Percussion Specialist at IUPUI.

    Kenneth is currently a private instructor in the greater Houston area. Kenneth has also taught in public schools for 8 years. In addition to working in the school system, Kenneth is working on establishing an online presence with a drum lesson series called "Stick To Games". Kenneth is also an audio engineer and has been involved in a modest number of projects. In addition to this, Kenneth also composes a wide variety of original music.

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